About Us

A.B International law was original started up in Denmark by the Current CEO and Legal Adviser Mr. Allan Birger, Cand. Jur., in 2006. The company established the first brand in Thailand in 2009 by CEO Mr. Allan Birger, Cand. Jur. and Mrs SupredaCruwys.

Our Attorneys and legal counselors have years of experience in many legal areas in Thailand and provide high quality legal service regarding Property, Immigration, Family, Business and Corporate Laws.

If you need a Lawyer in Thailand then A.B International Law can offer you the first consolation for Phuket’s lowest price.

As an international company we highly regard and respect international legal and ethical principles such as:

Client confidentiality
The rule of the law
Discharging the standard of proof
Ignorance of the law is no excuse

These principles protect the client against we take cases with no legal foundations, we do not represent several parties in a case, we will reject cases if we have represented one of the opposite parties as client before, client confidentiality and further more secure objective and independent case valuation.